Thursday, November 21, 2019

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT - Assignment Example The activists are people who are open minded and are passionate towards their work as they gain their learning from the practical understanding. On the contrary, the attitude to take risk of the activists might not be suitable for the establishment in few scenarios (Huang and Busby 92-100). Theorists are the people who acquire their knowledge and learning with the assistance of the relevant theories. The people following the theorists’ perspective get their assistance from the varied theoretical underpinning when they are trained systematically. Thus, it can be stated that the training and development must be associated with the theoretical approach to get a better understanding. However, the key issue faced by the theorists is that they might be hesitant towards gaining the practical knowledge as learning (Huang and Busby 92-100). Pragmatists are the people who seek their learning from the theoretical as well as the practical activities in order to develop their skills. It is observed that these people are innovative and use their theoretical knowledge and understanding when conducting practical tasks. These people are more efficient and hence the companies provide learning opportunities to them at large. However, these people require continuous training and development for better understanding (Huang and Busby 92-100). Reflectors are the people who acquire their leanings by observing various activities of themselves along with others. Employees favouring this learning style will be more considerate and cautious while obtaining proper learning of skills and abilities. Correspondingly, businesses might face issues while offering training to these individuals as they are seemed to be a bit time-taking in their learning approach. However, their considerate nature will ensure that they improve themselves in a comprehensive manner overall. These groups of people are supposed to be less participative in comparison

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