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What Is The Rule Of Confidentiality, And How Does It...

What is the rule of confidentiality, and how does it differ from respecting someone’s privacy? The question that appears is Lucy is 15-year-old and she at the doctor’s office and a pregnancy test is being performed on Lucy. Lucy mom is waiting on her. Lucy is pregnant. How I will deal with this problem. I will have to my sure I understand the rule of confidentiality, and how does it differ from respecting someone’s privacy. It is most helpful to examine this question from three perspectives: that of law, of clinical practice and of ethics. The law is direct agency, as the subject of minors and confidentiality will clarify. Minors generally cannot authorize to the treatment; a parent or guardian authorize on the minor’s behalf. There are uncommon cases. Certain states authorize minors whom the law judge, especially mature, such as those who are married or in the armed services, to authorize to treatment, and sometimes minors may authorize to treatment for substance abuse or sexually transmitted diseases. The special cases are few, however, and prove the rule that the law judge individuals under a certain age (often18) not sufficient mature to make treatment decisions. The clinical practice follows under the HIPAA rule and adolescents. According to â€Å" privacy is the control over the extent , timing, and circumstances of sharing oneself (physically, behaviorally, or intellectually) with others. Confidentiality pertains to treatment ofShow MoreRelatedAdvanced Nursing Ethics and Vales4938 Words   |  20 Pagesgroups behavior. Everyday nurses encounter challenging ethical dilemmas in providing care for their patients. Some of the challenging dilemmas include providing care that will prolong life but decrease quality of life, euthanasia, whether to break confidentiality to provide care for a patient, stem cell research, etc. Currently, ethical decisions in the nursing profession and health care are becoming mo re complex. Due to this change nurses today require advanced problem solving ability and critical thinkingRead MoreReflections On Core Values And Self Inventory1755 Words   |  8 Pageswith a scientific inquiry approach to patient care. As such, I would prefer to be adjudged for my care-giving skills based on virtue ethics, including Aristotle’s approach based on one’s personal moral character as well as an intellectual grasp of how best to deliver that care (Butts Rich, 2008). Similarly, Plato’s four virtues come into the equation, particularly prudence or consideration of best to handle a morally distressing situation, the courage to act when others may not, justice for theRead MoreIntel Code of Conduct6773 Words   |  28 Pagesproducts and services †¢ Make it easy to work with us †¢ Excel at customer satisfaction Risk Taking We Strive To: †¢ Foster innovation and creative thinking †¢ Embrace change and challenge the status quo †¢ Listen to all ideas and viewpoints †¢ Learn from our successes and mistakes †¢ Encourage and reward informed risk taking Discipline We Strive To: †¢ Conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism †¢ Ensure a safe, clean and injury-free workplace †¢ Make and meet commitments †¢Read MoreCommon Induction Standards Essay22388 Words   |  90 Pageshas been updated and reviewed with funding from Skills for Care Berkshire, led by Berkshire Care Association in partnership with representatives from: Reading Borough Council, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Wokingham Borough Council, Bracknell Forest Council, West Berkshire Council and Bracknell Wokingham College September 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Standard 1 – Understanding The Principles of Care†¦ 1.1 Values 1.2 Confidentiality 1.3 Person-centred Approach Test Your Knowledge†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Read Moreethical decision making16006 Words   |  65 Pagesthe physician has ordered. What should the nurse do? A man was diagnosed and treated for a venereal infection by his family nurse practitioner. He agreed that his wife should also be treated but he did not want her to know that he acquired the disease from a prostitute and infected her. He asked the nurse practitioner if there was any way to avoid sharing this information. When faced with situations like these, it sometimes feels like there are no â€Å"right† answers. What are your reactions to the Read MoreEthical and Social Issues in Information Systems20165 Words   |  81 Pagesdimensions of an information society and specific principles for conduct that can be used to guide ethical decisions. 3. Evaluate the impact of contemporary information systems and the Internet on the protection of individual privacy and intellectual property. 4. Assess how information systems have affected everyday life. CHAPTER OUTLINE 4.1 UNDERSTANDING ETHICAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES RELATED TO SYSTEMS A Model for Thinking About Ethical, Social, and Political Issues Five Moral Dimensions of theRead MoreBusiness Ethics Test Questions with Answers Essay22425 Words   |  90 Pageseffective functioning of economic markets? a.  Bankers b.  Auditors c.  Accountants d.  Financial analysts Answer: a 18. The function of auditors as gatekeepers is to:   a.  verify a company’s financial statements so that investors’ decisions are free from fraud and deception. b.  evaluate a company’s financial prospects or creditworthiness, so that banks and investors can make informed decisions. c.  ensure that decisions and transactions conform to the law. d.  function as intermediaries between aRead MoreSHC 53 Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion5518 Words   |  23 Pageswhich states that people have the right to say what they think should happen when making decisions that affect them and that people with any kind of disability should have special care and support so that they can lead full and independent lives (2011). This model celebrates diversity and conforms to the idea of egalitarianism by recognising that everyone is equal in social status; therefore people are treated in the same way because although people differ they all equally deserve (Arneson, 2013). ConverselyRead MoreYoung People Essay14812 Words   |  60 PagesStandard 1: understanding the principles and values essential for working with children and young people. 1. Principles and values a. Show how you promote the principles and values essential for working with children; young people their families and their carers. .At Clayfields house all children, young people their families and carers are all treated with respect. Families and carers are always updated on children’s or young people’s progress during their time at Clayfields and anyRead MorePsychology Workbook Essay22836 Words   |  92 PagesI. INTRODUCTION Objective I.1 Define psychology: the science of behavior and mental processes. |Margin Learning Question(s) (if applicable) |Page(s) | |None | | Key Terms Psychology: the science of behavior and mental processes. Exercises 1. Put a check mark

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