Saturday, February 8, 2020

Strategic management in an international context Coursework

Strategic management in an international context - Coursework Example Therefore, the company should consider investing the $2 billion in the country to set up beer industry. The net disposable income for the citizens of Norway has been growing gradually for the last ten years. This has been due to the gradual growth of the country’s economy. Therefore, consumers’ demands for the products and services has been rising year in year out, with beer being inclusive. As such, Fyne Ales Company should be pulled by these factors to consider investing in Norway. The government of Norway has lower trade barriers to investors who want to invest in its economy. In fact, the government of Norway has put in place initiatives and incentives to encourage potential investors to invest more in the country. These incentives include tax waiver during the initial stages of the project as a way of cushioning new investors against the initial financial shocks at the start of their investments (Karrenbrock, 2009, p. 2). The government will also be offering the licensing agreement to make the products produced by companies operating in the country available to foreign markets. One example of the license agreement is a situation whereby the brewer themselves can allow a brewer who has already settled down in Norway to brew and sell beers of foreign brewers. Therefore, Fyne Ales Company should consider making good use of such opportunities and favours to invest in Norway in the beer production industry, from which it will be able to generate more returns. The internationalization of the western economy in the last few years shows a cross-border investment and the increasing number of companies with production segments in a number of countries. Exploitation of natural resources is the fundamental reason foreign companies should invest in the non-metropolitan Norway. If Fyne Ales Company invests in Norway’s economy, Norway as a country will have the advantage of getting closer to its customers who live in the non-metropolitan Norway, thereby,

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